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Bonnington House - Project
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Year of Construction: 1883

Designed by Architect TS Lambert and built in 1883 for Bonnington Chemists and Black Beattie Co Drapers, with Bonnington occupying 1/3 of the building and Black Beattie the balance.

The businesses were dynamic and successful in their day and books have been written on both operations.

The building was in the early 1910’s – 1930’s part of the Stranges department store and during World War 2 the upper floors were used by the armed forces for recruiting personal.

The building had become very run down over the years and a fire had damaged the upper floors making them un-tenable, but with the ground floor still operating as shops.

The company purchased the building in 2006 from a long term owner who had let the building run down.

Christchurch Architect Andrew Evans carefully drew plans for the building which incorporated what Heritage was left in the building.

Matthew Stockman was commissioned to strengthen and refit the building adding 90 tons of concrete and 48 tons of steel to Earthquake strengthen the structure.

A specialist also restored the Oamaru stone façade.

The restoration took 22 months to complete and won a Civic Trust Award.

The building now houses retail and hospitality businesses on the ground floor and Bonnington  Above Your Space occupying the two upper floors being semi-serviced offices.

The 2011 quakes did little damage to the building with the damage occurring from the adjoining taller Stranges building falling on Bonnington House.

The building received a Heritage Trust Award following the quakes for the seismic upgrade of Bonnington House.

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