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Kensington House
183 - 187 Manchester Street


Standing proudly on Manchester street, Kensington House is a building with unique character and a curious history. In 1928 The Anglican Church (owners at the time) envisioned the building to span four stories high, by 1930 P Graham & Sons had begun construction but when The Great Depression hit, it was jointly decided to stop at two levels with the option to go higher later. 

KPI Rothschild purchased the building in 2002 and occupied part of the first floor as their offices. Insurers deemed the building a total loss after the earthquakes in 2011. Given the history of Kensington House and in lieu of the fact that KPI Rothschild had lost many other significant buildings to the quakes, the decision was made to save Kensington House. The repairs saw the building restored to 100% NBS. At one stage it was little more than a concrete shell....

Today the building is fully restored and sits in pride of place opposite what will be the East frame, the ground floor boasts three hospitality offerings and the first floor has five office blocks with the largest being "The Collect"  a luxurious, ecclectic industrial style shared office space.

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KPI Rothschild Property Group
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Christchurch 8011
New Zealand
Phone: 03 977 4986

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