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Billens Replacement Building
177 High Street


England Bros constructed the original Billens Building in 1906, designed by Eddy England who designed Mclean’s mansion and other notable structures.

The 1906 building was Heritage listed in 1976 and had notable tenants in it over the years, Holland and Sons now Deane’s apparel, Tait Electronics, the Globe Café but the most notable and longest in the building was Billens Camping shop to which the building was called.

The 2011 quakes saw the building badly damaged, propped and ready to raise again, an arsonist set fire to the building, which caused it to collapse.

The replacement building has been carefully designed as an interpretation by architect Andrew Evans, of the old one with five bays of windows, random offsets in the windows and Heathcote terracotta brick made and imported from Germany especially for the building.

Canform Structures are constructing the building now for Stockman Group and will have it complete by the end of 2017.

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