KPI Rothschild

KPI Rothschild Property Group Limited

KPI Rothschild is the Group Management Company for KPI Group Holdings Ltd, RGA Group Holdings Ltd, City Group Holdings Ltd and associated companies. 

KPI Rothschild is owned by Shaun Stockman and brothers Dean and Grant Marshall. We specialise in commercial property investment and development, with more than 20 properties in Christchurch and Timaru. 

Our premises range from fully restored heritage buildings to modern new-builds, offering retail, office, hospitality and industrial space for lease.

We have a unique partnership philosophy with our tenants and have assisted many to become successful business owners. 

Based in central Christchurch, the KPI Rothschild team is working on several new developments and refurbishments. We're excited to be part of the city’s recovery.

A number of our buildings are heritage listed and we have been awarded two Civic Trust Awards for our restoration work. We take pride in maintaining all of our properties to a high standard.

KPI Rothschild sponsors several community projects and charities that help at-risk children: The Phillipstown School project; Crossroads Youth With A Future Trust; Nvader; Operation India; World Vision; The Open Home Foundation; Rockfire Youth; The Salvation Army and Detour Youth.  

KPI Group Holdings Limited

KPI Group Holdings Ltd was formed in 2001. It was previously known as Kensington Park Investments Ltd. The principal direction of the company is to purchase quality, well-located commercial property.

The company has undertaken many restoration projects and has been the recipient of  a Civic Trust Award for its refurbishment of the Globe Cafe Building in Christchurch.

KPI Group Holdings owns, and has restored, the majority of the historic Royal Arcade in Timaru, where the company created a unique space that includes wine bars, cafes, hair salons, fashion stores and more.

RGA Group Holdings Limited

This company was formed in 2011.  It has the same principles and direction as KPI Group Holdings Ltd. 

RGA Group Holdings Ltd had many heritage and character buildings in Christchurch but sadly lost all of them in the 2010 - 2011 earthquakes.  Most of these sites have been acquired by the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) for the planned eastern frame.

The company owns the Old Pickle Factory in Wilsons Road, Christchurch and has several heritage properties in Timaru, which have been restored to a high standard.

City Group Holdings Limited

Formed in 2008, City Group Holdings Ltd maintains the same principles and direction as KPI Holdings Ltd and RGA Group Holdings Ltd.

The company lost five of the six buildings it owned in the February 2011 earthquake, including the historic Strange's Department Store and the adjoining Glendenning Hill Building. New modern premises, built to 188 per cent of the new earthquake building code, opened on these sites in April 2014. Developments are also planned for the group's other sites.

Prior to the earthquakes, City Group Holdings received an Accreditation Award for the restoration of three of the Duncan's Buildings at 153 – 157 High Street, Christchurch.

Stockman Group Limited

Stockman Group Ltd was formed in 1979 by Shaun Stockman, who runs the company with his daughter Rachel on behalf of the family shareholders. The group is the parent of SFT Group Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries. It has a residential and commercial portfolio.

The company recieved a Civic Trust Award for the significant restoration and seismic upgrade of  Bonnington House at 225 High Street, Christchurch.

Five of the group's properties were lost in the 2011 earthquakes, one being the restored commercial building Hillary and Baxter House in Christchurch's CBD.  The group is in the process of repairing and replacing its buildings. 

Claxton Investments Limited

This company was formed in 1999 by Dean Marshall. It purchased and restored the historic building that became known as Sammie's Jazz Review.  Four of the company's buildings were lost in the earthquakes; some sites have since been acquired by the CCDU.  The company has acquired replacement properties in Christchurch.

Fernco Investments Limited

Fernco Investments was formed in 2004 and holds the personal properties of Grant and Fran Marshall. The company not only specialises in property investment but also exports ferns and punga trees to the UK.

In Christchurch, the company is involved in joint venture land and building remediation.